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Which Blood Guard
Character Are You?

Perhaps one day you will find yourself in a fix and have to react as a Blood Guard would. Maybe your mind and heart have taken a—how shall we put this?—dark twist, and you’re considering throwing in your lot with the Bend Sinister. Or are you a blissful innocent who has no idea what all this is about? Maybe even … a Pure? In the world of the Blood Guard, where do you fit in? Which character is most like you?


There’s an easy way to find out: Take the quiz below. But fair warning—SPOILERS abound!

1. You are on the soccer field and notice a phalanx of tall men dressed in identical navy-blue suits converging on this kid you don’t know well. Instinctively, you….
2. Your grandmother is giving you knitting lessons when the doorbell rings. Before she can answer it, a man with strangely blank eyes appears through the sliding door to the porch, as a sword slices through the front door lock, and two more men enter the room. You …
3.  You’re playing games at the arcade with your best friend when this guy comes up behind you and says he’ll play the winner. He’s wearing a mask with a freaky green third eye in the forehead, and he’s reaching out for your friend in a way that suggests he doesn’t have his best interests in mind.



Give yourself 0 points for every A, 1 point for every B, 2 points for every C, and 3 points for every D.


0-1 points: Enjoy being a kid while it lasts. No rush to grow up.


2-4 points: You’re, like, the ultimate fade artist. If there’s trouble, you’re out of here. Just remember, though: Sometimes trouble can come after you.


5-7 points: Quick to respond to danger and look out for the safety of others, you are definite Blood Guard material. Start packing.


8-9 points: Um, may we be honest? You’re kind of creeping all of us out. But, on the positive side, you might just have a career waiting for you with the Bend Sinister. 



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