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BLOOD GUARD or bend sinister?
A Quiz

Are you a possible candidate for the Blood Guard? Take our quiz and find out today!

(Note: Most Blood Guard recruits come from the ranks of family and friends of existing members, including, sometimes, close relatives of the Pure. Nonetheless, a Blood Guard can come from anywhere—the only requirement is resourcefulness and an appetite for putting the safety of others before one’s own.)

1. You are on the soccer field and notice a phalanx of tall men dressed in identical navy-blue suits converging on this kid you don’t know well. Instinctively, you….
2. Your grandmother is giving you knitting lessons when the doorbell rings. Before she can answer it, a man with strangely blank eyes appears through the sliding door to the porch, as a sword slices through the front door lock, and two more men enter the room. You …
3.  You’re playing games at the arcade with your best friend when this guy comes up behind you and says he’ll play the winner. He’s wearing a mask with a freaky green third eye in the forehead, and he’s reaching out for your friend in a way that suggests he doesn’t have his best interests in mind.



Give yourself 0 points for every A, 1 point for every B, 2 points for every C, and 3 points for every D.


0-1 points: Enjoy being a kid while it lasts. No rush to grow up.


2-4 points: You’re, like, the ultimate fade artist. If there’s trouble, you’re out of here. Just remember, though: Sometimes trouble can come after you.


5-7 points: Quick to respond to danger and look out for the safety of others, you are definite Blood Guard material. Start packing.


8-9 points: Um, may we be honest? You’re kind of creeping all of us out. But, on the positive side, you might just have a career waiting for you with the Bend Sinister. 



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