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back from the dead!

Boo! Right in time for Halloween, the Carter Roy Books website has returned!

The old site—created but never finished by some hired guns for The Glass Gauntlet launch— vanished during a

series of WordPress updates that didn't agree with themes on the site. As a result, the entire site was swallowed into the maw of the internet. But this is a blessing. That old site was half-baked at best and underpopulated with data, and though what was there is lost forever, there was very little there. The few blog posts I've recaptured thanks to Goodreads (thank you, Goodreads), though sadly the comments from readers have all been lost.

So time to turn the page on that old site. With this first post, I intend to maintain this new home with more diligence. I'll post more frequently, add the long-promised Dawkins Tales, and pack these pages with fun stuff from the past books, and news of books to come.

You have my promise.


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