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Winner of the student readers' Northern Ireland Book Award • Connecticut's Nutmet Award Finalist • Iowa Children's Choice Award Finalist • Maine Student Book Award Finalist  • Missouri Truman Readers' Award Finalist • South Dakota Young Adult Reading Program Award Finalist • Utah Beehive Book Award Finalist

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Will Carter be appearing at a school or store near you? Are new Blood Guard stories in the works? What's the latest from Carter Roy? Find out here. 



Interested in having Carter visit your library, classroom, or school—either in person or via those newfangled wizardries known as Zoom or Skype?

He loves talking with readers and writers about the Blood Guard; about character and story structure; and has led a number of workshops for kids and adults on "finding the story" in one's everyday life.
Please feel free to contact him via the form on the right or find out more at the linked page below.



Should you find yourself tormented by a burning question not answered on the FAQ page (see the link in the menu bar above), please ask away via the form below.
For any other professional matters, please contact me care of my agents at: 
The Inkhouse
594 Dean Street, Office 47
Brooklyn, NY  11238-3009

Thank you for your note! I will respond to you as soon as humanly (or even inhumanly) possible! Best always, C.




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