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I Say Things to People: Interviews

One of the developments in publishing over the past decade is the rise of blogger reviewers—passionate readers who consume novels like water, write thoughtful reviews of these books, and are followed by other similarly passionate readers. These people are true friends to books, and I look forward to their takes on my novels even when they don’t like my work.

They also conduct interviews, and the “blog tour” has become a widespread thing in publishing. Periodically, I do such interviews, so I thought it’d be a good idea to collect them here as they appear.

The packed-with-good-stuff site Fangirlish first wrote an awesome comparison of the Blood Guard series to the TV show The Librarians. I haven’t seen the show, but as a lifelong fan of libraries and librarians, I approve. And then they had me sit down for a series of silly-but-surprisingly revealing questions about Mario Bros, favorite colors, and more. Read it here. (Alas, both of these pages have been taken down since 2015.)

LitPick is a wonderful site where students review middle grade and teen literature. They were kind enough to interview me about the Blood Guard series. I talk about my early life of crime, my influences, and my advice for writers-to-be.

K.E. Carson at the Underground talked to me about the many jobs I’ve held, the difference between writing for kids and writing for adults, and my favorite (?) feedback from readers. You can read it here.

Thanks to all those who took the time to interview me!

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