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What is the Glass Gauntlet? Is it a grueling aptitude test in which teens compete for an unbelievably large cash scholarship? Or is it a set of sinister physical competitions that rewards cheaters and punishes those who play by the rules? Or is it an armored glove made of a hard, transparent ceramic that can be used to do … something mysterious and terrifying? Could it be all of these things?

The one thing for certain is that it is the title of the second entry in the Blood Guard series—and that it was published in the United States and the United Kingdom this past August. Here’s what some of the early readers are saying: Emily at Don’t Judge. Read. writes, “I love this series and where it’s headed. I highly recommend this book, this series.” Middle-grade reading maven Greg Pattridge at Always in the Middle writes, “The action spills off the pages at the perfect moments. There’s tension, some gruesome but not too gruesome parts, and more than a few scenes [that] had me in awe, scratching my head, and saying ‘How did he come up with that one?'” And Tika at Fangirl Confessions says, “The pacing was just as fast, the characters as humorous and witty as they can be, and the battle scenes and plot twists that I love so much were done exceptionally well! The Glass Gauntlet definitely didn’t suffer from the ‘sequel blues.'”


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