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BLOOD GUARD a finalist for Missouri’s Truman Readers’ Award!

Christmas has come early this year. How’s that, you ask? Because I just learned that The Blood Guard has snagged one of the dozen spots on the state of Missouri’s annual Truman readers’ award list!

Titles on the list will be read over the course of the next year and voted upon by students in March of 2017. Recipients of the awards will be announced at the 2017 Missouri Association of School Librarians Spring Conference.

This marks The Blood Guard‘s fifth state reader’s award listing, and I couldn’t be more proud that so many readers are responding to the story. Whichever of us wins the award, it’s a great honor to be ranked alongside these eleven other writers I admire, and an honor to know that The Blood Guard will be read by students all across the Show Me state. What a great way to bring 2015 to a close!

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