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Where is my website?

A very good question.

If you are one of those blessed souls who visited sometime in the past, you’ll remember a colorful (though sketchily designed) site lived here—one with a biography of yours truly, quizzes, descriptions of weaponry and lore from the books, pages for educators, and much more. And now that site is gone.

What happened? you may wonder. Was the site attacked by Chinese hackers? Agent Smith from The Matrix? The fsociety team from Mr. Robot? Case and company from Neuromancer?

Alas, nothing so thrilling. No, the boring truth about it is that a pair of top-notch designers are rejiggering the site, and the job is still unfinished. Rebuilding a website from the ground up, it turns out, is serious work.

So watch this site! Because more is coming, I promise!


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